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Full LEG WORKOUT - Stop Skipping LEG DAY!!The leg muscles are among the largest muscles in the body. Their size and strength are exceedingly important for a variety of reasons, which is why it's so unfortunate they're one of the most overlooked muscles in the body.A regular leg routine is easily one of the best things you can do to gain more strength, burn more calories, and improve your fitness. It stands to reason that if you want strong legs, you’re going to want to do the most efficient leg workouts for men.Strengthening your legs is not the only purpose of a leg workout. There are a variety of benefits, which is why everyone should be doing them more often: Leg Workouts Help Maintain Your Nervous Systemgastrointestinal leg workouts for menYou may be surprised to learn that the latest research has linked neurological health with the signals sent to the brain by your leg muscles. These signals to your brain are just as important as the signals your brain sends to your muscles!The study specifically looked at the effect of reduced muscle mass on the nervous system and found that people who lost leg muscle mass also experienced a negative impact on their nervous system.Leg Workouts Strengthen Your Core & Improve BalanceVirtually every leg strengthening exercise you can think of requires you to balance and support your own weight and usually the additional weight of a pair dumbbells.This means you aren't just building leg muscle, you’re also strengthening your core and improving balance.In short, you’ll be better able to perform other exercises and be less likely to fall over.Leg Workouts Help With CardioYou may not think of leg exercises as cardio, but they are. The fact is that the blood has to be pumped around your extremities faster than normal.If the exercise gets your heart rate up, but you're still able to hold a conversation, then it’s a cardio exercise. Most leg exercises fall into this category.Leg Workouts Promote Fat LossYour leg muscles are the biggest group of muscles in your body. A compound exercise that involves multiple leg muscles will burn more calories than any other exercise.In addition, your strengthened leg muscles will be larger and burn more calories at rest than they used to. A pound of muscle burns approximately 5 times more calories than a pound of fat even when resting.That has to count towards your weight loss goals.Leg Workouts Reduce Lower Back Pain and Prevent InjuriesIf you already suffer from lower back pain, then it is important to choose your leg exercises carefully. Most exercises involve the back, which is why you need to do them properly in order to avoid injury.If done correctly, you’ll strengthen your hamstrings, quads, hip flexors, and glutes, effectively reducing the risk of a back injury.Leg Workouts Improve Your Looksmuscular legs leg workouts for menIt’s important not to forget that well-defined legs look good. This can make you more appealing to that special someone, but the crucial consequence is that you’ll feel better about yourself.This will translate into greater self-confidence, which can transform your life as you achieve things that previously seemed impossible- all because you suddenly believe you can.
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