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MASSIVE BACK WORKOUT | 15 Exercises for V-Taper BACKThe Best Back Exercises to Build Your Best Back Ever!When you think of the glamour bodyparts to train in the gym, you often think first of the so-called “mirror muscles.” These are the muscles that every guy loves to train, and the ones that you can always see easily chest, arms, abs, and shoulders.But if you really want to that perfect superhero physique, you have to build a ripped and chiseled back, too. Specifically, you have to hit your lats, the wide, fan-shaped muscles that loom large along your back. The perfect physique doesn’t really come together without a muscular back that tapers in width from shoulders to waist. And that taper is really a product of lat development.Training your lats, however, feels boring to some and daunting to others, because sometimes, we think of pull-ups as our only option. But there are a host of exercises that can get the job done. Here are 15 exercise that will really develop your back. Make sure you’re hitting 2 or 3 of these moves at least once a week to round out your physique.There are several muscles that make up the bulk of the back:- Trapezius (traps)- Rhomboids- Teres major and minor- Infraspinatus- Latissimus dorsi (lats)- Erector spinae (iliocostalis, longissimus, and spinalis muscles)Today we will show what exercises train these back muscles.Athlete model - Brian DeCosta @briandecosta- www.briandecosta.com- www.facebook.com/BrianDeCostaFit/- www.youtube.com/user/atsoced14
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