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Workout for MASSIVE SHOULDERS, TRAPS and BICEPS!!Reduced muscle soreness isn’t the only reason to get a good warm-up before starting the workouts, either. Proper prep will allow you to begin your workout ready to lift big and get the maximum benefits, rather than creaking your way through the first couple of sets unable to perform the way you had planned.Remember, it’s more about the mind-muscle connection and good form than anything else. Be sure to check your ego at the door and keep good form for every exercise. Isolate the muscle group you’re working on and focus specifically on contracting that muscle group.To build up a bigger, stronger back, you're going to have to become a trap king.Well-developed traps (aka the trapezius, or trapezoid muscles) can be the key to a well-developed, awe-inspiring back. The long, triangle-shaped muscle takes up a ton of real estate on the top half of your back, so you can seriously change the topography of your upper body by building it up.Besides adding size to your back and shoulders, you’ll also improve strength in nearly every upper-body lift — traps are the key to scapular and spinal movement, so everything from shrugging your shoulders to supporting your arms stems from the muscle.Think of lifting weights and the image that springs to mind is probably someone curling a dumbbell. That’s in part because it’s such an effective isolation exercise, helping you to bulk up your biceps and bringing a host of other benefits when it comes to nailing other lifts.The biceps take up a ton of prime real estate on the front of your arm, and they're probably the easiest part of your body to show off no matter the situation, or who you're trying to impress. Whether you rock a dress shirt or a tank top, a strong set of guns are sure to make waves. To help you hone those arms, we created this list moves to work your biceps. Some of these are classics- some are new. Some are a grind- some are fun. Some hit the long head of the muscle- some focus on the short head.Athlete model: Simeon Panda @simeonpanda
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