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Full QUICK HIIT Workout | 15 Effective ExercisesIf you've got 10 minutes, you've got time for this effective HIIT workout, developed for SELF by trainer Brian DeCosta. The routine features bodyweight strength moves, but since they're done in quick intervals, they'll keep your heart rate up (the hallmark of a solid cardio workout)."This workout targets the whole body and gives you the best of both worlds—you're building muscle and torching calories," says Brian. "Plus, the intervals in both circuits have built-in recovery." This workout doesn't require any equipment—just a spot on the floor where you can get to work.Quick note about this HIIT workout (and all HIIT workouts, actually): In order for it to really genuinely qualify as high-intensity interval training, the work you put in has to be really intense. Like on a scale of 1 to 10 of perceived exertion, you're at a 9 every time. Which means the rest parts of this workout are super important—adequate rest is the key to being able to push yourself hard as hell during the work. If you're a beginner, change the ratio of work to rest so that you're working for shorter and resting for longer.Athlete model - Brian DeCosta @briandecosta- www.briandecosta.com- www.facebook.com/BrianDeCostaFit/- www.youtube.com/user/atsoced14
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