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FULL BODY WORKOUT | Upper & Lower Body Workout“Going to the gym with no plan, either in your head or on paper, will ensure that you spend the first 20 minutes wandering around thinking about what to do,” says Turner. “By planning ahead you can ensure that your sessions are doing what they’re meant to and you get them done in a respectable amount of time. You can even work out how long each set will take and have your rest times planned out too. If you are doing ten squats with a three-second eccentric and one-second concentric it should take you 40 seconds a set. Add a 60-second rest period, and a set takes 1min 40sec. So if you’re doing five sets you should be done in 8min 20sec.”The most effective exercises to turn to are compound lifts. Squatting and deadlifting as heavy as you safely can will tax the body much more: you’ll hit more than one muscle group, give your core a big workout, and burn more energy – the overall benefits of the bigger lifts far outweigh those of isolation exercises.You can even turn your rest periods into productive time. “Instead of mucking around with your phone during your rest, work on mobility instead,” says Turner. “Rest periods are a great chance to do extra mobility work on your problem areas. If your hips are tight then spend your rest stretching to open them up before going back to your workout. This means you don’t have to spend ages at the beginning and end of your sessions mobilising and warming up, and you’ll get more recovery in throughout your training week.”Athlete model - Brian DeCosta @briandecosta- www.briandecosta.com- www.facebook.com/BrianDeCostaFit/- www.youtube.com/user/atsoced14Gonna highlight the levels again for those who haven't heard:⠀LEVEL 1: Beginners / Intermediate (0-3yr) - 45 minute workout max. If you only complete through Level 1, it is still a complete workout!LEVEL 2: Intermediate / Advanced (3-5yr) - 45-60 minute workout. If you only complete through Level 2, it is still a complete workout!LEVEL 3: SHREDDER! (5yr+) - 60-90 minute workout. If you complete through Level 3, you're an ABSOLUTE LEGEND.
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