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FULL BODY SHREDDED Workout | Effective ExercisesOften full body workouts will be your best bet when you're looking for intense fat loss because of the fact that they will allow you to workout with the greatest frequency, yet still have plenty of time left over to recover.Since you are going to have a reduced calorie intake when working toward fat loss, this means fewer reserves left over to recover, making it even more important that you watch the total volume you are doing. If your workout includes a high number of sets, you are going to struggle to come back as strong with each session.Designing a full body workout for cutting can be tricky for some people, especially if they are involved in any other types of exercise such as cardio or an outside sport. Since each full body workout will be working every muscle group in the body, you have to watch what form of exercise you will be doing the day after to make sure you're not shorting yourself of the 48-hour recovery period.In the other sessions, there are elements of traditional bodybuilding and CrossFit intermingled. A lot of guys who have been following a traditional body-part split might balk at these CrossFit elements. They’ll say they don’t want to do exercises like toes-to-bar and kipping pullups. “Can I swap it out for something else?” they’ll ask. Yes if you honestly can’t do the moves listed. But you need to at least try everything listed. If you can’t do it, then scale it back a little, either by lightening the load or cutting back a few reps. But don’t look for an out with every move that makes you uncomfortable. If you start swapping out everything, you might as well just ride a bike every day. You could, in theory, burn the same number of calories that way you’d lose muscle, lose strength, and essentially become a lesser version of yourself. So don’t start down that path. If you knew a better way to get ripped, then you probably wouldn’t be reading this. Just know that Brian DeCosta did a video version of the program. You can do what they did if you attack this thing with purpose. When all’s said and done, you’ll look better than you ever have in your life.Athlete model - Brian DeCosta @briandecosta
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