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TOP 5 EXERCISES | BACK & CHESTBuilding up your back is more beneficial than just checking off another box on your full body schedule. Once you get going, your posture will improve, as your weak, once-ignored muscles grow, so your desk-hunch will be less pronounced when you're away from the office.Your back can also play a large role in boosting strength for other lifts you might not expect, like the bench press. The muscles in your upper- and mid-back help stabilize your shoulder joints. The stronger and more stable your shoulders, the more weight you can lift in just about every upper-body exercise.Since many back exercises require you to use your arms for pulls and rows to activate the muscles, working your back is also great for targeting your arm muscles. Even though you're focused on your rear, your front gets to benefit, too.For most men, a chest workout centres around three moves: a bench press completed in the flat, incline and decline positions, but there are so many chest exercises and workouts to try, there's really no need for chest day to be so boring.In other words, we want you to be better than the bench press, but why should you expand your repertoire of chest exercises? Well, hitting you chest for more angles than the humble bench allows will result in a bigger, stronger chest, and having a bigger chest will (obviously) make you more adept at pushing heavy objects — from barbells to broken-down cars. But it's not all about strength, concentrating on chest exercises and workouts will also encourage better posture, as well as making you look taller by adding height to your chest wall.Moreover, a bigger chest just looks impressive, and not just to us. A study published in Plos One found that women's, as well as men's, perception of the ideal male body included a muscular, wide chest circumference that creates an overall V-shaped torso.Convinced? We thought you might be, so, whether you're at home or in the gym, here are the chest exercise and workouts you need to develop serious pecs appeal.Athlete model - Brian DeCosta @briandecosta- www.briandecosta.com- www.facebook.com/BrianDeCostaFit/- www.youtube.com/user/atsoced14
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